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Welcome to the Ohio Identification Officers Association

The Ohio Identification Officers Association strives to be a professional association for those engaged in investigation, forensic identification and scientific examination of physical evidence.

Welcome to the Ohio Identification Officers Association Website!

Photo of Ed BiederstedtOn behalf of myself and the board members of the Ohio Identification Officers Association, I welcome you to O.I.O. My name is Ed Biederstedt and I will be your President for O.I.O. for the calendar year 2016. I am a Special Agent with the Ohio Attorney General Office, Mike DeWine, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation. I bring twenty-eight years of law enforcement experience mostly in the narcotics and crime scene investigation area. I graduated from BGSU in 1985 with a BS in Criminal Justice and have more recently earned my Master Evidence Technician certification in 2006 through OPOTA and renewed my Certified Crime Scene Investigator certification in 2012, through the International Association for Identification.

I greatly appreciated the encouragement to run for an elected position with O.I.O. many years ago. I quickly realized the dedication and devotion the O.I.O. board members had to their organization and its' members. They have proved their dedication time and time again with providing not only training, but "top notched" training. A Chinese Proverb states, "by nature all men are alike, but by education widely different."

2016 will be the same devotion by me and the O.I.O. board members in providing a quality training atmosphere. We are currently in meetings and continuous email exchanges with the I.A.I. conference committee to insure the I.A.I. conference this coming August 7-13, 2016 will be a huge success. Did I mention the I.A.I. conference will be held in Cincinnati, Ohio? We plan on having our annual O.I.O. members meeting during this conference.

This will truly be a major educational opportunity and maybe a once in a lifetime experience for some. The lectures, workshops, vendor exposure, as well as, the networking with the finest detectives and forensic specialists from all corners of the United States will make this a "must come" event. It's never too soon to register for this event. Please refer to the website, www.theiai.org and register at your earliest convenience. Please feel free to forward your bio and course/presentation description to the I.A.I. if you wish to present or know someone, although the deadline is January 31, 2016.

I encourage you to continue your membership with O.I.O., as well as, consider a membership in the I.A.I. If you have questions on this, please feel free to contact any of the O.I.O. board members or me at (419) 408-8131 or my work email of edward.biederstedt@ohioattorneygeneral.gov.

Again, I am extremely grateful to be your President during 2016. On behalf of me and the O.I.O. board members, we will provide you an excellent educational opportunity this year and years to come.


Ed Biederstedt
President O.I.O., 2016


At the OIO Board Meeting on March 31, 2016 the Chairman of the Board of Directors (Lou Formick)
presented Past Presidents Plaques
to our 2014 President Mildred (Mil) Morris and one to our 2015 President (Michael Wisniewski)
as appreciation of their year of service as President of the OIO.

We had to delay the award to Mil as she was recovering from a serious illness.